Innovation is one of the main guarantees for the future of both the energy and industrial sectors. Innovation is a competitive advantage for companies that are committed to it.

ARRAM Consultores has been developing a multitude of industrial and energy projects for more than 30 years, specialising in all types of agri-food industries and renewable energies. In its long history it has helped companies to strategically design the viability and sustainability of their projects.

Arram is committed to innovation in its internal procedures and to research, development and innovation in the industrial and energy sector.

Arram is currently leading two R&D projects (Research and Development)

  • Construction performance monitoring based on digital twin information systems through automatic image analysis supported by Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. The objective is to obtain a digital twin system supported by computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning that can characterize the tracking of construction plans and automatically identify deviations in the performance of the progress in the construction of civil infrastructure or construction elements and to monitor the quality of the work being executed in real time.
  • Identification of impact factors involved in the yield and quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The general objective of the research is to identify which factors and to what extent influence the yield and quality of EVOO, from the values obtained by prediction models, real values obtained in the laboratory, and real values of yield and quality once the processes have been carried out in the oil mill.  The aim is to determine which processes and conditions associated with them have the greatest impact on the variation of the yield and quality results and which tools are used to monitor data and control the variables involved in order to establish optimised production strategies.



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