Tomalia, S.C.U.G.

Construction of a tomato concentrate manufacturing plant

Tomalia, S.C.U.G.
Tomalia, S.C.U.G.
Tomalia, S.C.U.G.
Tomalia, S.C.U.G.

Tomalia, S.C.U.G. hired Arram’s services for the complete design and project management of a tomato concentrate manufacturing plant for subsequent manufacturing of juices and sauces with aseptic packaging. 

This project included all the processing and unloading lines, plus one tomato concentrate line with a processing capacity of 1,800 t per day, and one cubing line with a processing capacity of 720 t per day for a subsequent aseptic packaging, a wastewater treatment plant, collecting and treating water for the process, as well as all the utilities necessary for the functioning of the production lines (medium voltage, low voltage, vapour, compressed air, cooling process water, and so on). 

Phase of final design:

Initial design of the plant
Layout design
Counselling the client throughout the process
Design and definition of the civil works to be done
Design and definition of the utilities

Phase of project management:

Counselling about the selection of suppliers
Supervision and control of the execution of civil works and utilities

Permits and legalisations

Obtaining all the permits prior to the execution of the plant, as