Pepsico invests 31 million euros in a new plant for Alvalle in Murcia, in which ARRAM will design and implement the complete project for the American multinational.

The capacity of the new plant will be able to expand the production of gazpachos, cold soups and vegetable creams of the Alvalle brand by 50%. The new production centre will result in a reduction of about 30% in direct water consumption and 20% in energy consumption.

The latest project that we are working on and which will require an investment of 31 million euros is the new “Alvalle” gazpacho manufacturing plant in Murcia, promoted by the multinational PepsiCo and in which we will design and head up the complete project using BIM Methodology (Building Information Modelling). This work environment is the greatest revolution in the sector since it is able to manage the entire life cycle of a project allowing greater quality in the implementation and greater degree of definition, resulting in cost and time savings for clients, and better and more complete management (in operating and maintenance) of their equipment and facilities in the long term.

This is not the first time that PepsiCo has used ARRAM Consultants for one of its investments. In 2005 a project and site management was undertaken for the implementation of a Plant for the reception, cleaning and shipment of corn in Lobón (Badajoz), to supply the different snack processing plants that PepsiCo has in Europe. Since then, we have continued to work on other projects for extensions to this plant, as well as other consultancy services.



The new plant, which will replace the current one in Alcantarilla (Murcia), will involve an investment of 31 million euros and is expected to be fully operational for the summer of 2019. The new centre is located about 20 km from the current plant and its location has been chosen to ensure access to high quality fresh raw materials and to retain the valuable know-how and commitment of the employees.

The centre will allow a 50% increase in its production capacity of gazpachos, cold soups and vegetable creams and will be ready for future expansion of the brand. Currently the Alvalle plant in Murcia produces 29 million litres of gazpachos, cold soups and vegetable creams a year for consumption in Spain, where Alvalle gazpacho is the brand leader, and in other countries of Europe. In this regard, 50% of the production is exported to Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom and France, a market where Alvalle is the undisputed leader in the category of cold soups. In addition, the Alvalle brand has been launched in two new countries this summer: Germany and the Netherlands.

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Pepsico invierte 31 millones de euros en una nueva Planta de Alvalle en Murcia, en la que ARRAM diseñará y ejecutará el proyecto íntegro.