The Excellence of Our Methodology

Our services are represented on a wheel showing our methodology for a comprehensive project,

 each service can be independently contracted depending on client needs.

We interact with the client…

The client and their ideas are the focus for our large team of professionals. Our methodology of work is designed to integrate the client in our processes and to facilitate the interdisciplinary coordination. From the outset you will have a team of experienced professionals at your disposal, led by a project manager who will liaise with the specialist person/people of your company to successfully carry out every detail of your investment.

Idea - Project - Work - After completion

Changes in the cycle: these are milestones in the process of our methodology, and correspond with client signatures or administration stamps. Any change affecting earlier stages of this signature will have to be analysed technically and economically by ARRAM’s technical team. Changes of this nature can affect both deadlines and final costs of the project.

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Scope and definition

Alcance y Definición

Delivering value right from the start

We listen, offer advice and analyse every detail for an optimised project. Strategic design of the feasibility of the project, as well as taking all current and future aspects and requirements into consideration.

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Administrative management

Gestión Administrativa

We help you to find the most suitable location for your goals,

help you to improve your business with new investment in the most profitable and productive manner,

while respecting the surroundings and the environment.

Choose the strategic place, to expand facilities, manage and process all the details so that your area is free of loads.

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Drafts and designs

Anteproyectos Bocetos


By working together, we make sure that we have understood your needs,

bringing together our knowledge and experience to address all the details, improvements and solutions that define your project.

By producing drafts, we can capture your ideas right up to producing the final draft and the economic scope of your project.

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Technical projects

Proyectos técnicos

Experience, Method and Strength In the design

Our methodology guarantees maximum precision in design, through sustainable client-orientated engineering achieving security in economic management, planning  and execution for your investment. 

With the importance of maximum precision in:

We improve the solvency of your project
We reduce costs during the bidding stages
Maximum execution, economic and deadline control
We guarantee the reliability of the results

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Permits and licences

Permisos y Licencias

All kinds of permits and licences for the implementation of projects

Knowing about how public and private institutions operate, necessary for processing and obtaining permits and licenses, in the appropriate times, are determining factors to fulfil the target deadlines, legalisations and start-up of your project.

Thanks to the precision of our professionals in the design, experience and knowledge of the rules and procedures with regards to administration,we ensure that time is on your side.

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Grants and funding

Subvenciones y Financiación


Specialised department in project finance 

-Grants and loans
-Different financial institutions (including banks, investors and other entities).
-Investment companies or risk capital.

Improve the solvency of a project for financial institutions.
Support and advice during visits, adding  value to the client and to the entities involved.
Control and comprehensive  monitoring of files, until the time of payment and fulfilment of requirements.

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Thanks to maximum precision in the design phase, with our intervention we ensure that contractors quote evenly and cost-effectively, which is exactly what your project needs, thus ensuring the best price with the best quality.

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Technical management

Dirección Técnica


We control the correct development  of  the execution of work in its various aspects, according with the specifications defined with maximum precision in the design phase, ensuring that it conforms to the proposed ultimate goal and fulfilling the requirements of economic control control  of the execution of the work and control of the time-frame of the planned investment.

At ARRAM we leave nothing to chance.

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After the work is complete, in compliance with local authorities, we guarantee meeting all regulations which enables the entire facility to develop the activity or business. 

Delivery of a legalisation dossier which contains all of the necessary documentation for the start of your activity.

Scope and Definition Administrative management Preliminary Sketches Projects Permissions and Licences Grants and funding Bidding Technical direction Legalization