In Arram Consultores we have been betting since 2004 for clean energy.

Throughout more than 32 years of experience, ARRAM Consultores has established itself as a national and international reference in the design, management and execution of industrial projects, incorporating the area of NCRE energy in 2004. 

In ARRAM Consultants we advise you throughout the entire life cycle of your ENRC project of generation, transformation, transmission or distribution of energy. Our experience and expertise provide integrated solutions to mitigate risks at any stage of your project.


Some examples of these works are:

  • X-Elio: 2 Solar Photovoltaic Plants of 42.945 MW each.
  • Villafranca glass factory (Barbosa & Almeida Group, BA): installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of its 85 thousand square meter plant, which will result in a 12% reduction in its energy bill.
  • Manchasol 1, 2: two thermal power plants occupying a total area of 400 hectares with an expected production of 175 GWh/year. The thermal storage capacity is 7.5 hours, thanks to the use of molten salts.
  • PEEX (Energy Projects of Extremadura): production of electricity from wind power.
  • ENCE: total installed capacity of 332 MW, of which 50 MW correspond to solar thermal generation, 13 MW to cogeneration with natural gas and 269 MW to biomass generation.


ARRAM Consultores also manages the identification of the owners. As well as the negotiation and processing of permits, expropriations and land occupation.

Likewise, ARRAM Consultores carries out energy generation projects, both in special and general regimes. And also transport and distribution lines.

For ARRAM Consultores, energy is a local, national and international strategic sector. That is why we develop primary and secondary transportation projects. We also execute gas distribution works, lines and substations to distribute electric energy. In ARRAM Consultores we work for some of the most important companies at national level. Among them are Endesa, Iberdrola, Red Eléctrica Española, Cobra, Fotowatio, etc.


Our multidisciplinary team will carry out all the appropriate steps from the beginning of the development until "Ready to build" in order to grant the total viability of the projects of our clients.

  • Connection point processing.
  • Personalised advice on how to obtain a positive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
  • Comprehensive management for obtaining the PAA (Prior Administrative Authorisation) and ACA (Administrative Construction Authorisation).
  • Processing of the Declaration of Public Utility DPU.
  • RBDA and owner management.
  • Obtaining the urban qualification.
  • Obtaining the building permit.



We offer technical advice tailored to the needs of our clients, presenting a global approach throughout the value chain.                                                                                 
ARRAM Consultores seeks through environmental consulting to reduce pollution and impact. This translates into greater efficiency and productivity of a company, without increasing energy consumption.

  • Implementation Studies
  • Basic administrative engineering and detailed Engineering
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Audits of operating assets.
  • Advice on R&D&I projects
  • Preparation of Requests for Proposals, technical specifications and tender evaluation.
  • Geotechnical and topographical studies.
  • Avifauna and chiropteran studies
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies



Independent technical advice on demand. We carry out complete studies and assessment of all risks associated with the design of generation and associated evacuation infrastructures as well as their integration into the existing grid.

  • Verification of the technical documentation of the project.
  • Review of administrative status, licences and permits.
  • Environmental feasibility assessment.
  • Evaluation of production performance.
  • Economic feasibility studies.
  • Evaluation of O&M.



The work team consists of certified professionals with extensive experience in the implementation of renewable energy projects, responsible for the management and supervision of the installation and start-up or commissioning.

  • Planning, supervision, control and monitoring of works.
  • Progress and cost control.
  • Evaluation of incidents and delays.
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Management.
  • Punch List.
  • Control and verification of CAP and CAD.



In ARRAM Consultants we become the client's engineering, providing the methodology, the means and the knowledge to make their projects a reality, combining functionality, efficiency and innovation.

“We advise the present for a renewable future”