Processing of subsidies for investment in R+D+I


Tramitación de subvenciones por inversión en I+D+i



Consulting and processing of subsidies for investment in R+D+I


We provide a service of Integral Technical Assistance to present individual and collaborative projects at regional, national, European and international programmes. In our opinion, the development of Individualized Strategic Plan of the participating entities (companies, technology centres, research groups and administrations) is essential as a starting point.

The method of VECTOR ARRAM consists of:

Analysis of the needs of the entity through technical meetings: we identify potential projects within the strategy of the company and seek appropriate funding programmes, in line with the interests and preferences of our clients.

Evaluation of ideas and project opportunities map: analyse specific opportunities to participate in regional, national, European and international calls according to areas of specialization.

Ad-hoc monitoring and information about:

Programmes as well as open and future calls of interest.
Strategic training and networking meeting to guarantee the parcipation of the entity in projects.
Reference policy documents which affect the call (action plans, roadmaps, etc.) and other information key to understand the scope and needs to be covered by the proposal.

Network optimization: support the definition of the R&D&i profile of the entity ensuring its impact on specialized networks and technological platforms.

European projects network, specialized technological platforms, Spanish and European agencies for promotion of the R&D&i.
Brokerage events, Infodays, and other networking events.
Consortia of previous Framework Programmes Projects.
FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 advisory groups.

Monitoring and grant reception:

Monitoring of documentation in different administrations. Optimization of resolution and justification times.
Preparation of grants payment documentation. Technical reports of justification, economic report to auditors and resolution of incidents.