Agri-food Industry

Agri-food Industry

Arram Consultores, experts in consultancy and design of agri-food industries

ARRAM Consultores started its activity at the beginning of 1989. Since then it has developed a multitude of projects in this sector, specializing in all types of agri-food industries.

Among them we can find Fruit and Vegetable Plants, Canning Industries, Meat Industries, Dairy Industries, Feed Factories

In ARRAM Consultores we have worked for some of the most important national and international companies. Among them are PepsiCo, NestleWaters or Alpura. 

Because the future is today, and Arram is the future.


The challenges facing the agri-food industries

The agri-food industry is the driving force of the Spanish economy, occupying the first place in the industrial branch. It also plays an essential role in all economic sectors.

It is a key part of the food chain as it provides additional value to primary production and is the main consumer in the agricultural sector.

Although it has traditionally been a sector with little innovation, the agri-food industry is currently undergoing continuous change. New technologies and consumer habits have evolved, creating new consumer demands. This has meant that the agri-food sector is constantly reinventing itself and innovating.


Innovation. Investment in R&D&I

Innovation is one of the main guarantees for the future of the agri-food sector. However, investment in R&D&I in Spanish agri-food industries is lower than the European average. And this can be a competitive advantage for companies with agro-industrial activity that are committed to innovation.

Innovation is one of the main guarantees for the future of the agri-food sector. Innovation is a competitive advantage for companies with agro-industrial activity that are committed to it.


Digital transformation and Industry 4.0

The incorporation of digital technologies in the agri-food industry translates into greater efficiency and productivity. Process automation and artificial intelligence are already present in many industries. In the agri-food industry this means a transformation in the value chain, optimizing processes and resources.

The future of the industries goes through the creation of the "Digital Twin" model of the factories, based on BIM (Building Information Modeling).

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a collaborative work methodology for the creation and management of projects that consists of managing information from the collaboration between the agents related to the project throughout its life cycle. The objective is to obtain a digital model with the implicit information of the buildings and facilities, together with the operation and maintenance data, in order to carry out simulations at the highest level.

With the high-precision "Digital Twin", which closely resembles the real system, we will obtain a valuable tool for the operation and maintenance of the industrial plant.






Nowadays, sustainability is a reality in companies. It is a strategic opportunity that involves being transparent and committing to proper environmental management. As it could not be otherwise, sustainability is making a niche in the agri-food sector. Agro-industrial activity is increasingly aware of the need to respect the environment. That is why companies in the agri-food sector are implementing measures to minimize the impact on the planet.

ARRAM Consultores, the strategic support for the agri-food industries

Over the years, ARRAM Consultores has grown with its clients. Throughout its long history, it has helped companies to strategically design the viability and sustainability of their projects.

In ARRAM Consultores we provide consulting services for investment. In addition, we offer comprehensive services for engineering and architectural project management. These services can be contracted independently, according to the needs of each organization.

ARRAM Consultores has created an interactive Service Wheel for Project Management, integral or partial. It shows the processes and methodology to make investments in all types of agri-food industries.


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