Sustainable Industries and Environment

Sustainable Industries and Environment


Since 2004, we have been carrying out important projects in the renewable energy.

Environmental Consulting

In ARRAM Consultants we know how important it is to deal with all the environmental aspects of a project. Since this issue affects the development of the productive activity of a business.

For this reason, the environmental consultants of ARRAM Consultores focus on advising, training and carrying out procedures on different topics. Among these are waste collection, air pollution or the environmental policy adopted. In addition to the level of energy efficiency to be achieved or the environmental management of the company.

The objective of ARRAM Consultants is to find out how to optimize the resources of an organization, minimizing the impact on the environment.

ARRAM Consultores and the challenge of sustainability

As a commitment to our clients and the following generations, we seek the balance of your project to make it environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

We carry out studies of an environmental nature and apply the necessary corrective measures to minimise the sustainable impact of our projects in the long term.

Through our methodology we improve processes; we apply regulations in force and implement improvement measures that have an impact on looking after the environment.

The buildings and facilities that we design at Arram are integrated into the territory and we know that our society’s progress and that of our planet must be looked after and protected.

The processes and methodology to carry out investments in renewable energies and generation, their transport and distribution, as well as environmental studies, are reflected in our interactive Service Wheel for Project Management, whether comprehensive or partial, which is shown below.