Aora Solar

120MW wind farm and 30 MW photovoltaic power plant in Durango

Aora Solar

One of the most noteworthy projects in the energy sector in Mexico is the construction of a photovoltaic solar power plant and a wind farm in Durango, for the company Aora Solar. In collaboration with Asiener, Arram has been responsible for drafting the technical projects, as well as of the necessary engineering of evacuation facilities.

The "Durangueño” wind farm is located within the "Durangueño" Rancho in the municipal term of Canatlán (Durango), with a surface area of 10,378 hectares and an investment of approximately 2,000M pesos. 

The photovoltaic power plant, will be made up from 25 fields of fixed structures, equipped with photovoltaic modules of 300wp., with 1,260 kw of power each. It will occupy a surface area of approximately 71.49 hectares with a total power of 31.5 MVA. 

This project will ease a large part of the energy plan in the state of Durango. In turn this will benefit from lower electricity rates than those currently paid and will also decrease the amount of CO2 that is released in the atmosphere. 

In the same way, the location chosen in Durango will generate wealth in the area, providing new opportunities for work, in an area which is generally an agricultural and livestock region. In addition, roads to the mountain range will be built thanks to this project, facilitating the access to it and thus bringing an increase in tourism.