Hotel Conde de la Corte

Refurbishment of the "Casa Conde de la Corte" for the Hotel Palacio ****

Hotel Conde de la Corte
Hotel Conde de la Corte

The works executed involved bringing together the new owners’ interests as regards the need to take rational and fitting advantage of internal spaces on the one hand, and the public interests concerning the building’s overall appearance on the other, not only as seen from the outside but also from the inside. Thus, the minimum facilities needed to provide the building with comfort without affecting its marked style were hidden from view. 

To that end, it hired Arram’s services with the following scope: 

Phase of final design:

Initial design of the plant
Layout design
Counselling the client throughout the process
Design and definition of the utilities

Phase of project management:

Counselling about the selection of suppliers
Supervision and control of utilities execution

Permits and legalisations:

Obtaining permits and authorisations