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Ask us for information At Arram Consultores we always look to the future. We are sensitive to trends
and we try to anticipate the needs of companies to accompany them into the future.
Energy Services

Renewable energies

Contact us For 15 years, ARRAM Consultores has been carrying out important
work in various areas of renewable energies.
Industry Services

Specialized in
Agro-Food Industry

Contact us At ARRAM Consultores we have worked for some of the most important
national and international companies. Among them are PepsiCo, Nestle Waters or Alpura.

  Our range of   solutions i  n two distinct blocks of activity with an   international approach

About us

ARRAM Group, since 1989 growing with the Agroalimentary Industry.

Throughout more than 35 years of experience, ARRAM Consultores has established itself as a national and international reference in the design, management and execution of industrial projects.

With offices in Madrid, Seville and Badajoz (Spain); and in Mexico we carry out projects for Europe, Africa and Latin America.


Arram Consultores

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The BIM methodology

BIM is a system for planning, management and execution of infrastructures that is already mandatory in many countries and that by the end of 2019 will also be a legal requirement in Spain.

How we help you achieve your goals

Consulting Services

Research + Development + Innovation

Prestamos un servicio de Asesoría Técnica Integral para proyectos a presentar en programas regionales, nacionales, europeos e internacionales. Nacionales e Internacionales, tanto de forma individual como proyectos colaborativos.


  Análisis de las necesidades de la entidad mediante reuniones técnicas.

  Evaluación de ideas y mapa de oportunidades de proyectos.

  Seguimiento personalizado e información sobre: Programas y convocatorias de interés abiertas y futuras.

  Posicionamiento en red.

  Seguimiento y gestión de cobro en la administración.

Subsidies and Funding for your investment project

Investment dossier, accompaniment to financing, search for venture capital, collection dossier. Effective assistance to our clients to obtain any type of aid lines, as well as external financing that you are susceptible to be applied to your investment.


  Non-repayable Grants and Subsidized Loans

  Different Financial Institutions (banks, investors, etc.)

  Investment or Venture Capital Companies

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